Honey Buzz Winery

Tropical Bee (Pina Colada): (5% ABV) Sweet mead, honey & rum wine combined with pineapple, coconut, “Bee”ach worthy.

Strawberry Daiquiri: (5% ABV)
Real strawberries blended with lemonade, rum wine, local honey & mead.

Meadarita: (6.4% ABV)
Our unique twist on a margarita. Made with mead and tequila wine!

Frose: (5% ABV)
Made with real raspberries, Rose wine, local honey and lemon mead!

Swirl: Swirl any of our two-three slushies to create your own fruity slushy!

To Go: Small: $8.00, Large: $10.00

Mead on Tap

Queen’s Revenge-Local: (13.5% ABV)
A sparkling mead made with our in-house clover honey.

Blackberry: (5% ABV)
Juicy blackberries, orange blossom honey and just the right amount of carbonation combine to create this forever fan-favorite.

Cherry (5% ABV)
Plump, dark tart cherries then mix in vanilla, cinnamon and almond to deliver a complex, mouth watering experience.

Tropical: (5% ABV)
Tropical pineapple with a hint of hops and the finest orange blossom honey to deliver this light, dry and crisp taste of paradise.

Lemon: (5% ABV)
Tangy and refreshing, Lemon is the perfect companion for sunshiny days. Beer lovers also love lemon!

Honey: (5 % ABV)
This classic delivers a perfect balance of subtle orange blossom honey paired with a hint of citrus and a crisp finish.

Peach: (5% ABV)
A kick of ginger perfectly complements the orange blossom honey and peach puree.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Bottled Mead

Apple (Cyser): (12.5% ABV)
A crisp & refreshing blend of tart apples & wildflower honey.

Blackberry: (12% ABV)
Sweet Mead. A fruit forward blend of Blackberries and Honey, exhibiting a refreshing balance of sweet and tart.

Raspberry: (12% ABV)
Dry Mead. A bright and lively honey wine made with clover honey and red raspberries.

Texas Two Step: (13.8% ABV)
Semi-Sweet Mead. Pyment. A blend of Wildflower Honey, Petite Verdot, and Petite Sirah Grapes.

Traditional: (12 % ABV)A true sweet mead with floral and citrus notes.

GL Dansk Mjod (Gee-L Dan-sk Me-ud): (19% ABV) Ginger creates a slightly spicy, aromatic, sweet and semi-dry mead that is reminiscent of sherry.

Klapojster Mjod (Clap-ois-ter Me-ud): (21.8% ABV) Mixed with snaps, this mead is stronger than the traditional mead. It still retains a sweetness and rich flavor.

Odin’s Skull: (19% ABV)
Nordic Honey Wine with Sour Apple Juice, Hops and Cinnamon Added. Made solely from 100% natural ingredients.

Ribe Mjod (Reeb Me-ud): (19% ABV)
Made with apple juice to highlight a sense of fruit and give the mead a slightly more acidic flavor to offset the honey.

Viking Blod (Veek-ing Bl-ahd): (19% ABV)
A traditional brewed mead with dried hibiscus. In addition to the color, this spice adds an aromatic and floral aftertaste.

Vikingernes Mjod (Veek-ing-er-nesh Me-ud): (19% ABV)
Adding hops to this mead creates a slightly spicy, aromatic, sweet and semi-dry mead similar to white port wine.

Dancing Bee: Glass: $8, Bottle $22


Glass (3 oz) $6,  Bottle $35


Get any of our Meads on Tap in a convenient Growler To Go!!

Mead Slushies

Glass: $8


Fresh brewed tea with or without our local honey simple syrup. Served iced or hot.


Fresh brewed Bosque Coffee! Ask what the coffee of the day is! Try a bit of our local honey to sweeten the deal!

Honey Lemonade

Sm. $2.50/ Lg. $5.00
House made and hand squeezed! Made with nothing but lemons and our local honey! *Add cherries for an extra treat!

Honey Root Beer

Sm. $2.00/ Lg. $4.00A delicious root beer made in house with our local honey.


$8.00 Glass, $22 Bottle

Becker Chardonnay (13.8% ABV)
Bouquet on the light side. Deep balanced fruit, rich creamy with citrus & tropical fruit in toasted oak.

Becker Cabernet-Syrah (13.9% ABV)
Blueberries, blackberries, cherry, toasted vanilla & coffee, balanced tannins with a smoke finish.

Becker Tempranillo (13.9% ABV)
Dried fig, cooked sweet cherries, dry earthiness (typical of West Texas), with a hint of dill on the finish.

Lone Star Waltz: (12.5% ABV)
A delicious red wine made from three kinds of grapes.

Becker Cabernet Reserve (13.9% ABV)
($12 glass, $34 Bottle)

Red plums, ripe raspberries, fennel, medium acidity & long-lasting, yet subtle tannins.

We even fill Growlers with our home-made Rootbeer and Lemonades!

Ask the bartender for prices!

We have specials everyday of the Week!

Monday: 1/2 off ALL DRAFT MEAD, Growler Fills

Tuesday: 1/2 off ALL SLUSHIES

Wednesday: 1/2 off Cheese Trays

Thursday: Sandwich Meal Deal! $9.00 for a sandwich, chips, pickle and non-alcoholic beverage.

Friday: 1/2 off FLIGHTS

Saturday: BOGO 1/2 off mead slushies!

Sunday: Half off Mimosas!


$9.00 per glass

Cherry Lemonade Mimosa
A twist on our homemade honey cherry lemonade! Made with Brut champagne, rimmed with our local honey & sugar.

Poinsettia Mimosa
A holiday favorite! 100% Cranberry juice paired with Brut champagne and rimmed with our local honey & sugar.

Raspberry Sorbet Mimosa
A tart & tangy treat for raspberry lovers! Made with Brut champagne, raspberry sorbet, rimmed with our local honey & sugar.

The Sunset Mimosa
Strawberry puree & orange juice make a winning combination for this mimosa! Made with Brut champagne and rimmed with our local honey & sugar.

Traditional Mimosa
A traditional mimosa made with orange juice, Brut champagne, rimmed with our local honey & sugar.

Tropical Mimosa

Let’s go to the beach! Made with 100% pineapple juice, Brut champagne and rimmed with our local honey & sugar.

Mimosa Carafe

Get a 1/2 gallon of mimosas for the table!  Choose from:  Traditional, Tropical or Poinsettia.


Prices Vary

Opera Prima Brut (11.5% ABV)
($6 glass, $15 Bottle) Cava, Spain
- A bright pale yellow color Brut, it has an intense and attractive aromas of pear and citrus. Delicate bubbles caress the palate offering a pleasant roundness with a crisp, refreshing finish.

MUMM Brut Prestige (12.5% ABV)
($10 glass, $28 Bottle) Napa, CA
A complex assemblage of primarily Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, layered white blossom aromas, followed by creamy vanilla, citrus, stone fruit and melon.

Bishop Apple Pineapple: (5% ABV) Apple Pineapple is a not-too-sweet mix of apple cider and fresh pineapple juice. Dallas, TX

Bishop Texas Tea: (6% ABV)
Fresh brewed tea with just the right bit of sweet and a squeeze of lemon in cider form! Dallas, TX

Thorin’s Iron Age Cider (8% ABV)
A still cider made the traditional English way. It's a light and crisp apple finish that's great for a hot day.

Tieton Apricot Cider (6.9% ABV)
Fruit forward apricot on the nose with a proper balance of sweet and tart on the palate.

Tieton Cherry Cider (6.9% ABV)A perfect crisp apple cider with sweet cherries finishing with hints of cinnamon & clove.


$8.00 Per Glass

FinnRiver Black Currant Lavender Cider (6.5% ABV)

Bright apple fruit balanced by berry complexity and the rich, floral depth of local, organic Royal Velvet lavender.


Glass $6 

Drink Menu

New 16 oz Growler: $18

New 32 oz Growler: $32

Price To Refill:

16 oz Growler: $12

32 oz Growler: $22